Cederberg Tours was founded by a proud local on a mission to show the world the very best that Cederberg & West Coast has to offer. Through years of personal exploration and experience as passionate food, wine and adventure lover, the Cederberg Tours team have curated a collection of the most delicious, immersive and memorable itineraries and experiences in the Cederberg and West Coast – an insider’s map of the hidden gems, the unmarked cellar doors and the most dynamic local culinary experiences, all topped off with a dash of adventure. The hidden gems in the Cederberg and local towns.

Whether you’re after a sunset, waterfall, bushman paintings through picturesque Cederberg and West Coast, an adrenaline-filled zip line through majestic ravines or simply looking for that perfect bottle of wine to take home after a day exploring the Cederberg and West Coast – we know just where to find it. Our team of expert consultants and specialist guide will curate an unforgettable private experience customized to your exact interests and preferences. You’ll come away relaxed, inspired and thoroughly entertained.


A qualified guide will accompany you on your journey and will be responsible for driving the vehicle, the planning of the days traveling and activities, decision making and the overall organization of the tour. The guide will not only share the wealth of his/her knowledge and information with you but will ensure that you have a relaxed and an unforgettable Cederberg and West Coast experience. Your guided tour will be conduct in English by our tour guide.


A Tailor-made tour is an individual and unique itinerary created just for you or your group that wish to travel. With a limitless combination of attractions and destinations around Cederberg, West Coast and Southern Africa we include all you wish to see and activities you want to do during your travels. Your itinerary can be of any length in days as it suits you and it can include standard to luxury accommodation or camping. A tailor made itinerary, guided tour will make your journey to the Cederberg, West Coast and Southern Africa a unique experience.


Our mission at Cederberg Tours is to promote the Cederberg and West Coast as a tourist destination and also show you the hidden gems and secret locations of the Cederberg and West Coast.


Our vision is to become the best travel company in the tourism sector and connect you with the Cederberg and West Coast. We will make you feel at home.